About Us...
  • We are a major retailer operating over 1700 retail stores in North America. Our operating areas include, but are not limited to:

United States


Alaska Alberta
Arizona British Columbia
California Manitoba
Colorado Ontario
Delaware Saskatchewan
Illinois (Chicago Land)
Idaho (Northern only)
New Mexico (Northern only)
Pennsylvania (SE PA only)
South Dakota (SW corner only)
Texas (Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston)
Virginia (Northern only)
Washington DC
  • Our company has been in business since 1915 and is growing every year. We as a company believe that customer service is the key ingredient in our success. A success that leads us to the Fortune 500 list every year. We are always looking to improve the level of service in all areas of our business. From Corporate to retail our mystery shopper program is the number one reason we are able to stay a step ahead of our competition.

  • The goal of our mystery-shopping program is to monitor and report the level of service in our retail stores. The program allows the shoppers a chance to offer feedback about their shopping experience from start to finish. Our shoppers evaluate store conditions and employee/customer interactions.

  • In order for the program to be successful, it is important for the mystery shopper to remain a "mystery" to our store employees and managers. We ask that the mystery shopper provide us with truthful and accurate information about their assigned shopping experience.